Best Teamwork Movies To Get The Right Inspiration

A team cannot work without teamwork. It is one factor which everyone in the team should know about. These days, communication is lacking, and this creates a gap between people. To overcome this, you must build relationships. Check out some cool movies about human communications and bond. You can see them on your mobile by installing Voot app (iOS/Android).

The media plays a significant role in making people learn about teamwork. The primary sources of media through which we learn are movies. Here are some movies which are based on teamwork and may inspire you.

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Best Teamwork Movies That Will Inspire You

Apollo 13 (1995)

Apollo 13 is a film based on an actual event. The film builds on the Apollo 13 mission which was headed for the moon by three astronauts named Lovell, Haise, and Swigert. As the picture proceeds and the astronauts are off to the mission, there is an onboard explosion and some technical problem due to which there is a lack of oxygen and electricity. From here the on the mission gets dismissed, and NASA’s primary concern is for the safe landing of the astronauts. The movie rotates around how the three of them made strategies, took decisions and risks and worked together all through this. This film is one of the perfect examples of how one can overcome difficulties with teamwork.

The Great Escape (1963)

The Great Escape again is a film based on real events from the time of World War 2. The story revolves around the escape of British Commonwealth Prisoners who escape from the German POW camp. Bartlett is the one who planned the escape. They had to escape 250 prisoners, however only 76 could flee in the end. This is a story regarding how the British officials, prisoners, and Hilt worked and planned together keeping the same set of mind in order to escape the prison. It was nearly impossible to escape and this was the biggest escape scheduled in history. This movie again is an example of how no work is possible without teamwork.

Remember The Titans (2000)

The picture rotates around the story of Coach Boone who is a Black Coach and has to train the blacks and whites together. The conflict goes on among all the players and the coach. The coach goes on with the same determination in spite of all the problems. The coach puts them through practice, teaches them commitment and most importantly how to work together. Ultimately all players learned together, worked together and win the match. They finally fought against all prejudices and understood that teamwork is the only factor in the field of football.

Invictus (2009)

Invictus is a story about a relationship between Nelson Mandela and captain of South Africa’s rugby team. This the time when apartheid was dismissed but the prejudice still prevailed. Nelson Mandela and the coach put in equal effort to bring in the team and make them work in unity and remove all the differences. The players finally bonded on and off the field. The united efforts of the president, coach, and the team members ultimately led to the winning of Rugby World Cup in 1995.

Take the lead (2006)

Take the lead is a dance-based movie with a European dance teacher who initially wins over all his students by his dance moves. This is a team of a group of people who do not work together and have a feeling of superiority which does not make them a team. The teacher and principal work in order to unite the team. The group finally comes as one and excels not only as a dance group but also learns unity and importance of teamwork.