Best New Technologies We Expect in this Year

Hi guys, as I said, here I’ve got the best news in latest technology. Yeah! Technologies have been one of the greatest achievement of man. It have been making impacts, and lots of change in our lives. We have collected together a list of the best new technologies we expect to arrive in this 2016. Here are the list of the best new technologies, we expect for the year 2016.

Best new technologies we expect

Best New Technologies We Expect in 2016

A Self Driving Vehicle

Recently, Google have announced its teaming up with the car producing company, Ford, to build self driving vehicles. All you have to do is relax, and watch your car drive. This is really a great improvement, and will make a good impact. These new technologies, when produced, will make great changes in lives.

Hotel in space

Orbital technologies, a Russian company, reckons that it will be sending it’s tourists into space, to one of its commercial space station on rocket. They will be allowed to spend time in one of the stations four cabins. Guest’s will enjoy zero gravity, and also enjoy watching the earth through the ships large portholes.

Zero Carbon Fuel that is made of Carbon Dioxide

Lots of companies have developed a prototype that turns carbon dioxide into fuel, through sucking of CO². This process sucks CO² from the air, and then converts it to diesel fuel that will burn without emitting carbon.

Translation Tool that breaks through language barriers

Lots of companies, like Google, have released a translation tool that will break through every language barrier. Skype, the video call and messenger, have released its translation tool that will help people communicate very easily, without having difficulties. Also, Japanese companies, are developing a tool that will be more useful for users to communicate easily, no matter where they are coming from.

Sunscreen Pill

Since 5 years, scientists have been working to produce a pill, when taken by humans will provide a protection from the heat of the sun. This process was derived from fishes and corals, that excrete substances, that protects them from the sun. Once they accomplish this plan, it will be very useful to man, and will help to protect man from the heat of the sun. It will also reduce the rate of sunburn, rashes etc.