MyBKExperience – Burger King Survey

MyBKExperience - Burger King Survey

Are you looking for the best customer feedback platform to share your experiences at Burger King? 

MyBKExperience Burger King Survey is the best platform that not only allows customers to share their reviews, but you can also win exciting gifts and prizes. 

Let’s take a look at how MYBKExpeirence Burger King works and some potential alternatives for sharing your Burger King experiences.

MyBKExperience - Burger King Survey

MyBKExperience Burger King Survey Guide

MyBKExperience survey, also known as the Burger King Customer Experience survey, is an online customer feedback survey.


This MyBKExperience Customer satisfaction survey allows customers to express their honest opinions and help the company improve its services. The survey shows how satisfied people who have visited one of the Burger King restaurants are. 

You can give your feedback anytime; taking the survey takes only 4 to 5 minutes. Also, after completing the questions, you are offered a coupon code which can be redeemed on your next visit.

To take part in the MyBKExperience Burger King Survey and share your genuine feedback about the service and attention in the restaurant following steps are to be followed.

  1. First, visit any USA Burger King Restaurant branch and make a purchase.
  2. Keep your sales receipt containing the restaurant number and a survey code.
  3. Open the MyBKExperience Survey page by visiting the
  4. Enter your survey code and answer all the questions of the survey.

Burger King Combo Offer

If you are a big-time burger lover, then the delicious mouthwatering range of burgers offered by burger king will spellbind you. They provide exciting discounts and offers and satisfy your hunger while saving your pocket. 

You can choose the best one that caters to your taste and get an assured discount on your bill by entering the code at the transaction time.

Burger King offers Combos at all prices, starting with the lowest price of $6. They are some of the most ordered combos of all time.

For more info, follow them on Facebook.

MyBKExperience Rewards

After completing the survey, you will get some reward points after providing basic information such as the date and time of the visit and store number. Burger King will reward you with a coupon code, and you can redeem the BK coupon for any of the following: 

  1. Original chicken sandwich
  2. Croissan’Wich 
  3. Free whopper burger or whopper sandwich
  4. Free chicken or veg whopper

MyBKExperience Survey Rules and Requirements

Some rules that should be kept in mind before participating in the online survey program of MyBKExperience include:

  1. The minimum age limit is up to 18 years.
  2. You have to be a legal citizen of the US.
  3. You must have an authentic Burger King receipt to participate in the survey.
  4. On receipt allows one-time entry only.
  5. The reward time varies between 230 days, depending on the premium.
  6. While redeeming the coupon code, make sure the receipt is with you.
  7. Any Burger King employee or family member at the fast-food chain can not participate in the survey.

After learning the rules, you must know the requirements to participate in the survey. The must-haves to take the survey include: 

  1. You should be familiar with either English, Spanish, or French.
  2. Have a verified BK receipt.
  3. Have paper and a pen.

MyBKExperience Survey Alternatives

Some of the alternative surveys available by fast food chains that you can take to share your customer experience include: 

KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey– You can get this survey by entering the survey code printed on your digital receipt and entering the time of your product purchase. 

Mcdonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey– McDonald’s survey can be completed similarly to the KFC Customer Satisfaction survey. 

Pizza Hut Guest Experience Survey- Pizza Hut also offers great rewards for completing its Guest Experience Survey. All you need to take this survey is to enter the survey invitation code printed on the order receipt. 

Dominos Pizza Survey- You can win exciting offers, coupons, and gift prizes with Dominos Pizza Survey. 

End Point: What Is The Purpose Of Customer Surveys?

Satisfying the customers is the prime focus of fast-food chains like Burgert King. Customer Satisfaction Surveys help food chains improve the quality of their products and services.

Additionally, with the incentives, coupons, and surprise gifts offered by these fast food chains, the customers also get the opportunity to win in exchange for their opinions. 

How Can I Use a Burger King Survey Code?

After completing your survey, Burger King offers you a survey code. You can use this code at any Burger King branch to get a free sandwich. 

What Is Guest Trac?

Guest Trac is a program used by Burger King to get first-hand customer feedback. The tool helps the organization understand the customer’s preferences and improve the quality of services. 

What Does Restaurant Number On Burger King Receipt Stand For?

The restaurant number on the Burger King receipt is the branch code. By entering this restaurant number, you can access the survey form.

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