Movies About Human Relations and Communication

Here are some fantastic movies which tell you the human relations and communication. These films try to convey the importance of bonding between people. Yes, we’re enjoying the best technology possible these days, but you can not miss our WaveInaBox movies list. You can watch and relish them on TV or movies apps like Voot app or with any other source.

Movies About Human Relations and Communication

Amour (2012)

Amour is a French film about a couple Anne and Georges, who are in their eighties. They are retired music teachers, and they have a daughter who lives abroad. The movie is about when Anne suffers from a paralyzes attack. The film then revolves around how both the couple undergo this difficult situation and deal with his. It is shown how he takes care of his wife and tries hard so that she is well. As Anne makes Georges promise after the surgery, he will not take her to the hospital. The journey of him keeping his promise and his daughter asking him to take Anne to the nursing is depicted beautifully in the picture.

Code Unknown (2000)

The film deals with three stories of three individuals which intersect at some point in time in the movie. The movie starts with Anne, a French actress who walks with Jean. After some time it is seen that Jean throws garbage at Maria who is a homeless woman sitting on the roadside. Amadou is a teacher of the deaf who is at odd with his African Clan; he confronts Jean after this incident, and both indulge into a fight. Eventually, Amadou and Maria are taken to the police station for questioning. It is found that Amadou is released after some time, but he is tortured all this while. Whereas, Maria is sent to her native place where she finally meets her family.

The Intouchables (2012)

The Intouchables is a comedy and drama movie on friendship. The film goes around a handicap millionaire and his ex-caretaker. The care-taker is a black whereas the millionaire is a white. These are two individuals who do not have anything in common. In spite of differences, their friendship sets a milestone for all those who watch the movie. The honesty, humor, responsibility and loyalty in their friendship is commendable and inspires many people in real life as well.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

The movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a film about a couple. A man named Joel learns that his ex-girlfriend Clementine does not have any memory of their relationship left as Dr Mierzwiak deleted it during his experiment. He is further informed that this cannot be undone. Finally, he decides to get the procedure for himself as well. The assistants of the doctor Stan and Patrick perform the operation on Joel. During the night of the operation, Joel tries his best and struggles not to let his memories of Clementine get erased.

I am Sam (2001)

I am Sam is a story about a mentally challenged father, his daughter Lucy and a social worker. Sam raises his daughter with the help of his friends and raises him to be a smart girl. As Lucy turns 7, her IQ level exceeds her father. Everything goes well till the social worker comes into the role and says that Lucy should be placed in a foster care. He decides to fight against the legal system and while doing this he, directly and indirectly, makes the social worker realize the meaning and power of unconditional love.